Ironing Board Cabinet Extensions For Organized Laundry Rooms

The ironing board, just like the clothes hanger rack, is one of those must-haves in any home that suddenly becomes a big inconvenience when not used. It’s why instead of wasting space with a freestanding ironing board you have to hide inside or behind the closet, having one that’s an extension of the cabinet seems like a much better choice.

The Hafele pull-out ironing board has a simple and practical design which allows it to be integrated into laundry room cabinetry in order to save space. However, keep in mind that such designs are not as sturdy as the freestanding models.

The laundry room is not the only place where you can squeeze in a pull-out ironing board. In fact, when there’s no space for a separate laundry area, it’s the kitchen is usually the zone that takes on this role.

If you’re not the type that irons everything or owns a ton of shirts, then you most likely don’t even need a full-size, freestanding ironing board. A compact, pull-out model is enough to satisfy your needs. And the best thing about it is that it can easily fit in the closet.

Apart from stacked washer and dryer, this laundry area also saves space with smaller elements such as the built-in ironing board. Compact and easily accessible, it only reveals itself when needed, the rest of the time staying hidden.{found on oldworldkitchens}.

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