How To Get Your Home Ready To Receive A Pet Dog

So you’ve decided to get a dog. That’s lovely and we’re assuming you’re ready for that kind of commitment. But is your home ready too? This is a question you must reflect on before you bring your new pet home. There are steps you need to follow in order to make your home suitable for a dog and to make sure it doesn’t get ruined during the first day.

First of all, you need to make sure your dog will be safe in your home and won’t accidentally sample something poisonous. So gather all your cleaners, medications and toiletries and keep out of dog’s reach.

As a puppy, your dog will be tempted to chew on pretty much everything, including electrical cords. Make sure you you hide these cords or tape them down so the dog can’t bite through them.

Your dog will most likely find all sorts of small areas to fit into. For example, the space under the bed, under the dresser or under the sink can be really interesting from a dog’s perspective. If you don’t want your dog to explore those areas, it’s best to block them.

Don’t leave small items such as paperclips, string or rubber bands in areas where your dog might reach them. You never know how delicious and appetizing they may seem to a dog so keep them in drawers or on your upper shelves.

Dogs are not as delicate as cats for example so they won’t think twice before knocking over a fragile lamp with an unstable base. To make sure such accidents don’t happen, deal with this kind of unsteady objects and either keep them somewhere secure or make them more stable.

Some dogs are used to eating from the trash, especially adopted ones and that’s not good for their health. Prevent your dog from eating spoiled food or cooked bones (which can splinter inside the intestines) by hiding the trash and making sure it can’t be reached.

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