How To Bring Harmony In Your Home – Feng Shui Inspiration

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy based on the idea that everyone should be harmonized with the surrounding environment. In interior design, feng shui is used to properly organize a space and to make each room as harmonious as possible. There’s a number of specific areas highlighted by this philosophy. For example:

There’s a wealth and prosperity zone and this area should be decorated with elements such as fresh, colorful plants and flowers and fountains or pictures of moving water. The best colors for this space are red and purple and green should be avoided because it’s the color of instability in feng shui.

Another area is that dedicated to fame and reputation. Paint this zone with colors such as bright reds, oranges and yellows and decorate it with candles. If there’s a fireplace there as well, it would be even better.

The love and relationship area should be decorated with colors such as red and pink and tall light fixtures. Any artwork in this area should express love or relationship-inspired elements. If the bedroom is in this zone, it’s best to remove the TV and the desk to get rid of any distractions.

There’s also a zone dedicated to children and creativity. In here, use soft colors such as pastels and whites and decorate the space with pictures of the children or artwork they’ve made.

The center of the home should maintain the harmony between all five elements. So you can combine elements such as a small bamboo fountain, decorative stones, metal coins and a red ribbon tied around the bamboo.

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