Creative Features That Will Improve Productivity At The Office

Ever wondered why iconic companies such as Google have such amazing offices where employees are happy and productive? What makes everyone enjoy working there so much? The answer is simple: their design strategy is creative, customized to every location and the offices are not just sad places designed to bring money. We could learn a thing or two from those examples and make our own workspaces more enjoyable with features such as the following:

Imagine yourself out in the middle of nature, with beautiful green grass on which to lie down and relax. Now take that feeling and keep it intact while you change the scenery. Suddenly you’re at the office. Though the grass is fake, it does help create a similar sensation.

You don’t have to be pro to know that skating is fun. In fact, you may not know it yet, but you might actually enjoy skating if you were given the opportunity. A skate park-themed office is not everyone but is sure fun to be at.{found on officesnapshots}.

This feature is more likely to be appreciated by the young generation. When you’re playing a video game you step into a whole new world where your unsolved tasks and problems don’t matter so it’s a way of clearing your mind before you return to work.{found on Studios Architecture}.

hipping containers can be turned into private rooms, meeting spaces and all sorts of other features inside a large office. So you won’t just be recycling but you’d also be creating a productive work space with a unique and inspiring design.

It’s fun and inspiring to have unique features at the office. For example, a bunch of crates can be turned into a one-of-a-kind wall unit with storage cubbies and shelves. Perhaps each person can have their own tiny space where they can display something personal.

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